Why I refuse to give up this sacred human trait

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My line manager passes me on the corridor this afternoon, “Minty, did you see the form I have asked our team to fill out?”, he says. Oh, I saw it alright. I saw that it had asked me to rank my week from 0 to 5 (0 being terrible, 5…

A poem about the delicious stillness of the ocean

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A calm blows
Across the sea
Of my heart
Like still waters
Reflecting only
The moon.

Like sheets of glass
In the morning light
I climb above deck
Into the endless horizon
Noticing the singularity
Of our small boat.

No ripples nor waves
As we gently float
There is a calmness
To this body
A solid liquid
Running across my soul.

Just a humble sailor
Observe the grand mirage
Of the ever moving oceans
Each drop makes it
Eternally changing
And in this moment of stillness
A miracle is born.

This is our call to adventure. Will you accept?

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We are being called to wake up. It is nothing less than the greatest collective invitation to the Hero’s Journey. And it will take all of us to answer this. It will take all of us to face the fear of dying, witness ourselves being torn apart piece by piece…

And they might be the last stand for humanity at this crucial turning point of our civilisation

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I’ve recently written a Will, it’s not my first, but it might be my last. In it, I lay out who in my community gets how much of my assets and what they are to do with it. The central theme here is that my assets be reinvested in these…

A Sufi poem about my Beloved and me at the beach

Photo: Minty Horseradish

How can I not want to write poetry
About my life today?
About the crystal clear blue waters
That made me feel like a mermaid
About the feeling of salty coolness
Pressed up against
My naked body

How can I not want to write poetry
About all the glittering atoms
And their…

Childhood abuse, heartbreak and finding myself on a path of healing and self-love

Photo: Minty Horseradish

It hurts when I fall in love.

I feel tiny and scared. Constricted. Small. And a deep fear arises inside of me. A fear that I can’t put my finger on.

I’ve said this line to one too many partners in my life “I love you, and I’m scared. I’m…

A poem about the grit, grim and love of London

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Sprawl for miles on end
Warm to the touch

And see glass
Side by side
With bricks and mortar
That tells of another age

Here lies history
Pre and post
These roads were made for marching
Where laws were challenged
Enacted, retracted
And change the world…

A poem about the pain of love

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And I look you in the eyes
And smile when you presented me with a gift
The gift of pain, sorrow, heartbreak
The gift of suffering
Darkness, tears, doubt, self-criticism
And I held it in my arms
This gift you handed me
And knew exactly what to do with it
I shall alchemise it
And turn it into love
And turn it into strength and courage
And an awakening for my soul
And I thank you
And take my gift and leave

If you allow it, your pain and discomforts have the ability to unlock the door to the deepest love

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My eyes are closed and I am in meditation posture. Lotus position on the floor of my bedroom, sitting on my cushion bringing gently my awareness to my breath, then my body, then my surroundings. I’ve done this a thousand times before. But today was different. Today I could feel…

Minty Horseradish

Not my real name — Musings: Spirituality and Relational-Ships ❤ Poet. 浪漫 .

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