Why I refuse to give up this sacred human trait

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If you allow it, your pain and discomforts have the ability to unlock the door to the deepest love

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A poem about your wholeness and beauty, lean in my friends and lap up your own love

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Observations from my own spiritual journey

Photo: Minty Horseradish

I’ve been searching for enlightenment. I didn’t realise that’s what I have been searching for, but it is.

An experiment turned journey home to myself

Photo provided by Minty Horseradish

A poem dreaming of simpler days

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A poem about dipping my naked body into a glacial lake

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Musings: Working through the existential crisis one day at a time


A poem to all the men I ever loved

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A poem about how fearful I felt today

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Minty Horseradish

Not my real name — Self Experimenter. Poet. 浪漫 . Musings: Spirituality and Relational-Ships ❤

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